Quality policy

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The management of PINK GmbH has set its focus on quality and it pursues this policy as an integral part of the company policy. In its key message, it defines the company's requirements on product and service quality for its customers, staff, suppliers and owners.

This key message has been summarised in the following guidelines:

  1. It is our goal and intent to satisfy our customers with application-oriented, innovative and stable technical solutions and flawless products.
  2. Our high standard of quality is supported by all our employees, across all levels and areas of our company, beyond the various areas of responsibility. All employees have committed themselves to a process of continuous improvement.
  3. Defects in quality are remedied as soon as possible; through our well-established control processes they will be avoided in the future.
  4. Through the trustful cooperation with our suppliers and partners, we intend to build permanent and stable business relations, which will guarantee a consistent quality standard beyond company limits.
  5. Our good reputation on the market, due to our high quality standard, will strengthen our company's position and secure jobs and economic success.
  6. Through our careful and economical use of resources (water, air, raw materials and energy) we intend not to stress our natural resources unnecessarily and rather even try to reduce their use.
  7. We take care that all persons working at our site will comply with the requirements regarding occupational health and safety and accident prevention. Our work safety officer provides support in all aspects of occupational health and safety and accident prevention.

The principles of our quality policy must be well-known throughout the whole enterprise. They are also subject to our continuous review and adjustment processes in the course of regular management reviews.

QM System policy statement

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PINK GmbH Thermosysteme has introduced a quality management system for the fulfillment of contractually agreed customer requirements, for the planning, implementation and monitoring of all quality-relevant activities. The quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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We also recertify our quality management system according to the specified cycles. Our quality management system is practiced throughout the company. The QM documentation, which consists of the work processes and the documents cited therein, is mandatory for all employees of the company. By the use of the QM system we ensure, that the quality policy is implemented in our house, legal requirements are met, the requirements of ISO 9001 are integrated into our processes, improvements are promoted. We provide appropriate resources to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The guidelines of the quality management system are binding for all employees, in order to guarantee quality-conscious, customer-oriented and responsible action.