Logo Environtment

PINK GmbH Thermosysteme attaches great importance to safe­guarding the environment and considering ecological factors, for example by continuously optimizing ecologically friendly production processes.

Logo Energy

Our focus in developing eco-friendly products is in particular concentrated on a resource-conserving reduction of the energy consumption of our plants and systems. In addition, already in the development phase (construction) we pay attention to the avoidance of environmentally harmful or risky materials and resources. We are working with predominantly high-quality stainless steels and e.g. solvent-free lacquers.

In our production processes we are setting a special value to reducing rejections and residual materials to a minimum. The cooling lubricants used for the machines are regularly checked for concentration, pH-value and nitrite in order to initiate the necessary corrective measures, if the limit values are exceeded. Used cooling lubricants and oils are collected in special containers and are disposed by authorized companies.

Logo Spare

Our new production halls were built in line with the state of the art. In the outcome, in a resource-friendly way substantial quantities of energy can be saved, especially concerning heating, illumination, ventilation and production facilities. Our workplaces are up to the latest standards in noise and vibration reduction and also offer excellent hygienic standards. At all employees' disposal is a special skin protection program.

Logo Recycling

At all production and administration sites waste and residual materials are sorted and disposed professionally or recycled. Our purchasing department is instructed to buy eco-friendly office and consumable supplies. For packing our products we use recyclable materials.