Scalable vacuum soldering system
VADU modular

in proven quality and technology

PINK now offers the proven vacuum soldering systems type VADU in a new modern and modular design. The new system concept is based on modules, which are configured and mounted separately and then are interconnected during final assembly.

New modular design for vacuum soldering systems

Vacuum soldering system VADU modular

The base type VADU 200XL consists of a soldering and a cooling module and is suitable for small batch production. The expansion of the system by one or two preheating modules turn the system type into a VADU 300XL or VADU 400XL.

The new system concept based on modules

Two modules Three modules Four modules

According to individual customer requests, the systems can be equipped with additional customized options, such as formic acid equipment, transfer systems, handling units etc.

The redesigned user interface stands out due to its ergonomics and user-friendliness.

New modular VADU design

Icon Data sheet

Data sheet

Model Batch Inline Inline
Number of vacuum chambers 2 3 4
Clearance height [mm] 100 100 100
Dimensions (D 1,910 x H 2,381) [mm] W 1,758 W 2,436 W 3,114
Icon Advantages

Advantages of the modular concept

  • Easy expansion of productivity or functionality by adding modules
  • Effortless maintenance and operation
Icon system features

System features

  • Void-free solder connections
  • Soldering with preforms and/or pastes
  • Flux-free soldering with formic acid
  • Flux management system for solder paste processes
  • Individual, easy and free programmable soldering profiles
  • User-friendly GUI with different access levels
  • Process temperatures up to 400 °C
  • Separate soldering and cooling modules
  • Inert gas atmosphere (5 ppm O2)
  • Permanent process control and monitoring
  • Low energy and media consumption
  • SMEMA interface
  • Remote maintenance (VPN)

The line concept of the modular VADU