The flexible sintering system SIN 200+

For extraordinarily reliable, highly thermally conductive bonds

The patented sintering system SIN 200+ is a highly flexible system, which is suitable for various production demands from laboratory up to series production, as the system is modular designed and can be operated as a batch system or an automated inline system with different preheating and/or cooling modules.

The substrate temperature, the atmospheric pressure and gas composition during the entire heating, sintering and cooling procedure within the vacuum chamber/s is exactly controllable at any time. In combination with the dynamic adaptability of the pressing force the system provides a wide array of novel process and production possibilities.

The sintering module SIN 200+

sintering module SIN 200+

The sintering module SIN 200+ can be operated as a batch system, but can also be connected with e.g. a cooling unit, according to customer’s requirement

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Inline system SIN 200+

Complete sintering system SIN200+

Automated inline system SIN 200+ with cooling module connected to the sintering module, transfer system with underfloor return and lifting units

Preheating takes place in the sintering module

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System features

  • Modular design with flexible expandability
  • Pressing force: up to 2,000 kN (200 t)
  • Dynamic controlled and monitored pressure ramps
  • Press tool exchangeable (e.g. for customer specific tool)
  • Programmable, controlled and monitored temperature profiles
  • Temperature range: up to 350 °C
  • Integrated heating technology
  • Hermetically sealed process chambers
  • Atmospheric pressure range: 1-1,200 mbar
  • Exact control of inherent gas atmosphere (N2, N2/O2, N2/H2, HCOOH)
  • Process area: ≤ 280 mm diameter
  • Manual or automatic loading and unloading
  • Patented system
  • Constant process control and traceability
  • Easy operation by touch panel
  • Integrated interface to MES (e.g. SECS/GEM)

A suitable solution for each customer's requirements