Trockenschrank VT

Vacuum drying ovens VT

For standard drying processes

VT vacuum drying ovens have been in successful use in the field for many years. The heating medium is supplied and returned vacuum-tight through the chamber's rear wall.

Trockenschrank VT SchleusenfunktionVT vacuum drying ovens, pass-through version with a lock function between gray and clean rooms. Loading with charging frame.

Trockenschrank VTVacuum drying oven VT with heated shelves, prepared for the integration into a clean room wall.


  • Heating of the side walls, rear wall, floor and ceiling
  • The interior can be designed without shelves – for unrestricted use
  • Pass-through version with lock function between gray and clean rooms
  • Different door types, e.g. sliding or lifting door
  • Design suitable for installation and operation in explosion-hazardous environments (ATEX)

Ex Zeichen
Type of system Vacuum drying oven
Drying principle Vacuum, heat
Temperature max. 200 °C
Shelf area 1 to 20 m2
Heating Hot water, thermal oil, electric
Materials High-grade stainless steels
Surfaces Ground and polished2
Charging trays (standard
and pharmaceutical design)
Charging and support cart loading
Wall installation
Pass-through design with lock function
ATEX design
Automated loading and charging
Validable CIP