Trockenschrank VSD gerundete Ecken

Vacuum drying ovens VSD

Perfect clean and contamination-free drying processes


The manufacture of sensitive and, under certain circumstances, highly potent, hazardous products calls for plants and systems capable of gently drying such products under extremely clean and contamination-free conditions. The VSD vacuum drying ovens create precisely these conditions.

The VSD is ideal for GMP/FDA-compliant processes. These vacuum drying ovens are an indispensable feature of pilot plants, kilo labs and production installations.

Intelligent design for high customer benefit

Together with its elaborate production process, the design principle of the VSD system is responsible for the vacuum drying ovens' outstanding features: no corners, no sharp edges – an interior as from a single mold. The heated shelves, ceiling and floor are double-walled and merge seamlessly into the chamber walls. Due to the system's efficient heat circulation, the walls are also uniformly heated and cannot serve as condensation surfaces therefore.

On the front, the vacuum drying ovens are fitted with a continuous mounting frame for wall installation, the frame being tightly welded to the vacuum chamber. With its pharmaceutical design the door is eccentrically hinged so that the door seal can be perfectly fitted to avoid abrasion and bruising Vakuum Trockenschrank VSD

Type of system   Vacuum drying oven
Drying principle   Vacuum, heat
Shelf area   1 to 20 m2
Heating   Hot water,
thermal oil
Temperature   max. 200 °C
Materials   High-grade stainless steels, special materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel and titanium
Surfaces   Ground and polished

Drehriegel VerschlussGMP-/FDA-compliant design: The vacuum drying ovens of the VSD series are equipped as standard with automatically locking turning latches that are particularly easy to clean (no thread).

System features

  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • Simple cleaning
  • Rounded corners, no sharp edges, no concealed surfaces
  • No penetrations for the heating medium and no supports in the product chamber
  • Outstanding surface quality (ground and polished)
  • Excellent temperature distribution


  • Double-chamber design
  • Pass-through version
  • Isolator connection as a containment solution
  • Door heating
  • Design suitable for installation and operation in explosion-hazardous environments (ATEX)
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Reproducible cleaning results with CIP device

For cleaning cycle validation, an automatic and reproducible cleaning process is essential. The CIP (Cleaning In Place) device perfectly adapted to the VSD supports the user in this.

The device consists essentially of a cleaning lance with spray heads, which are driven either electrically or pneumatically. The drive moves the cleaning lance about its vertical axis while the spray heads rotate additionally about their horizontal axis.

VSD with integrated CIP device.