Vacuum circulating air ovens VUT

Reliable drying with a combination of vacuum and circulating air

To vacuum-dry a product that is embedded in a product carrier or, due to its inherent structure, exhibits poor heat transfer by conduction, it makes good sense to combine two different forms of drying: vacuum and circulating air.

For such applications, PINK has its VUT vacuum circulating air oven. The product is heated to a defined temperature by circulating air, and then a vacuum is generated. This process can be repeated a number of times, the number of cycles depending on the product's drying behaviour.

Diagram for combined vacuum circulating air operation

The vacuum circulating air cycle can be repeated several times as required.

Inline system with circulating air heating zones and a vacuum drying zone.
Vakuum Umluft Trockenschrank VUT 2
Vacuum circulating air system with specially positioned air baffles for a defined air flow.