RTSD Detail

Rotary vacuum dryer RTSD

Dynamic drying system for high-purity and sterile processes

For many applications, it is useful to combine drying with motion. Powders and granulates are mixed during the drying process, thus ensuring uniform heat transfer to the product. In addition, the rotary dryer can be loaded and unloaded contamination-free and with reduced effort. The drum has a dual-cone design.

The efficient system was designed for efficient rotary vacuum drying. Its main advantage over conventional rotary ovens is that the drum of the RTSD has a single rotary joint. This means that the supply of heating medium, measurements, vacuum generation and the drive are all effected via the single rotary penetration. This enables an optimum installation in clean rooms for sterile processes.


  • Suitable for wall installation separating gray and clean rooms or for integration in a sterile wall
  • Drum optionally available as a tumbler
  • Design suitable for installation and operation in explosion-hazardous environments (ATEX)

System features

  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • Simple cleaning of drum interior
  • Dust-free powder handling

Ex Zeichen
RTSD FilterGMP-compliant drum interior with filter and product temperature sensor.
RTSD Schrank
Type of system Rotary vacuum dryer
Drum volumes 125/250/500/1,000/1,500 liters
Heating double-walled drum, immersed in heating medium
Heating medium hot water or thermal oil
Temperature max. 200 °C
Materials high-grade stainless steels, special materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium
Surfaces Ground and polished