VSD e offen

Vacuum drying oven VSD-e

Compact and flexible for laboratory applications

PINK’s VSD-e is a compact, high-grade vacuum drying oven designed to provide users in industry, science, and research with a highperformance, safe and clean system for the laboratory.

PINK is thus now making the advantages of the VSD vacuum drying oven with its GMP/FDA-compliant design available for smaller laboratory applications as well.

The VSD-e has electric contact heating with an integrated control. Its operation only requires a plug socket and a vacuum device.

System features

  • GMP-/FDA-compliant design
  • Extra-compact design
  • For mobile and flexible use
  • No concealed surfaces
  • Rounded corners and edges (20 mm radius)
  • Simple cleaning
  • No penetrations for heating
  • Outstanding surface quality (ground and polished)
  • Double-jointed door hinge
VSD e Detail