Umluft Trockenofen UT

Circulating air ovens UT

Drying, heating, tempering and sterilizing

Certain products are not suitable for drying under vacuum or do not require this technology. For these PINK offers a comprehensive range of circulating air ovens in a huge variety of versions. These ovens can be used for drying under atmospheric conditions and for heating, tempering and sterilizing.

For drying products containing solvents under normal pressure PINK again has a highly reliable solution. The UT-ex circulating air oven with external solvent recovery offers such features as the ability to safely condense and collect potentially explosive solvents for proper disposal at any time.

Umluft Trockenofen 3


  • Interior in GMP-compliant design
  • Charging and support cart loading
  • Charging trays in standard and pharmaceutical design
  • With recessed floor rails for ground-level access
  • Reinforced chamber floor for heavier loads
  • Fresh air circulation control by vapor solvent concentration
  • Humidity measurement and control
  • Oxygen concentration monitoring
  • Gas-tight version
  • Vertical air flow
  • Design suitable for installation and operation in explosion-hazardous environments (ATEX)
Ex Zeichen
Umluft Trockenofen 1Circulating air oven in an explosion-protected version, GMP-compliant interior, charging and support cart loading.
Umluft Trockenofen 2Circulating air tempering oven in a gas-tight version (for inert gas), pneumatically driven lifting door.