Low-pressure plasma system V10-G

Efficient batch system for removal of photoresist

The batch system V10-G is designed for the removal of photoresists. Furthermore it can be optimally used for the cleaning of wafers.

Areas of application

  • Ideal system for removing photoresist layers (also SU-8) after dry processes like RIE or Ion Beam etching as well as after high dose implant processes
  • Silicon wafers or other substrate cleaning prior wet processing to achieve a better wettability for an uniform and efficient result
  • Applicable for processes in MEMS and nano technology
  • Polymer removal e.g. after Bosch processes
  • Removal of organic sacrificial layers
  • Conditioning of bioactive compounds
Type of system Tabletop unit
Dimensions of the chamber (Ø x D) 215 x 260 mm
Mikrowave power 50-600 W
Gas inlets with mass flow controller 1 channel
Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power input (without pump) 1.5 kVA
Vacuum gauge Pirani
Dimensions of the system (W x D x H) 720 x 820 x 820 mm
Vacuum pump
Ozone trap
Additional gas inlets up to 2
Soft start and slow vent
Faraday cage
Process pressure control valve

System features

  • Process chamber: quartz glass
  • Sliding door
  • PLC control: SPS (S7-300)
  • Resistive touch screen panel with Windows operating system (also operable with gloves)
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Display of all process relevant parameters
  • Individual access authorization via user groups
  • Archiving of all processes
  • Remote maintenance (VPN)
  • Ethernet interface