altes Firmengebäude

Company history

2019 Construction of a new production and storage hall
2018 Opening of the new application and training centre
2017 Foundation of the subsidiary PINK North America Corp., located in New York, USA
2015 Foundation of the subsidiary PINK Japan K.K., located in Tokyo
2010 PINK GmbH Plasma-finish and PINK GmbH Thermosysteme are amalgamated
2009 PINK GmbH Thermosysteme assumes the soldering systems product range from PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik
2007 Acquisition of Plasma-finish GmbH, Schwedt, renamed in PINK GmbH Plasma-finish
1992 Rename of the trading company in PINK GmbH Thermosysteme
1979 Foundation of MVG Metallbau und Vertriebs GmbH