altes Firmengebäude

Company history

2018 Opening of the new application and training centre and construction of a new production hall
2015 Foundation of the subsidiary PINK Japan K.K., located in Tokyo
2010 PINK GmbH Plasma-finish and PINK GmbH Thermosysteme are amalgamated
2009 PINK GmbH Thermosysteme assumes the soldering systems product range from PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik
2007 Acquisition of Plasma-finish GmbH, Schwedt, renamed in PINK GmbH Plasma-finish
1992 Rename of the trading company in PINK GmbH Thermosysteme – Herstellung und Vertrieb
1986 Foundation of PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik by Friedrich Pink
1979 Foundation of a trading company